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Our basic features set Rix Rax apart from the average stand. I believe that these features are a minimum requirement for achieving optimum sound from your system. Quality equipment is designed to perform at its peak on a solid base. Anything less compromises performance.

All Rix Rax stands incorporate the following design features:

  1. Open Design: This allows ease of access to equipment and excellent cooling. Tig Detail

  2. Solidly welded construction: Full welded construction ensures the highest rigidity, which also ensures the highest vibration transfer into the sand-filled frame on down to the floor through the spikes or cones. Of course it is the strongest construction method and there is no assembly for the owner. Rix Rax uses the "Tig" welding process, the same process used in the aerospace industry and in pressure applications. All exposed welds are 'blended' to achieve a 'moulded' appearance. Rix Rax frames are sand-blasted to ensure a good bond with the baked-on powder coat finish. Basic racks come with "Wrinkle Coat Black", a slightly textured, flat-black finish.

  3. Sand Filling: Sand filling is probably the most proven and cost effective tweak available. Our stands are one of the very few, if not the only, stands on the market that offer partial or 100% sand filling, depending upon model. Sand fillable tubes are interconnected to allow for the flow of sand. Manufacturing them this way is laborious, however, it advances the goal of the ultimate stand. 

  4. Veneered MDF Shelving: MDF (medium density fiberboard) is well proven in the audio industry for providing a very stable material that is inherently damping to vibration. Rix Rax offers furniture grade choice of maple, cherry,  oak, ash or mahogany veneered MDF with a clear lacquer finish. (Stain is optional.) Each MDF shelf is faced with matching figured hardwood. 

    In addition, Rix Rax offers the following options for shelving:

    • a lamination of contrasting hardwood embedded into the front edge of the shelves for that special accent
    • solid hardwood shelving
    • stain
    • Solid wood. Solid wood has a certain aesthetic appeal to some individuals. As well, some solid woods, especially the denser, harder, species, have been shown to have a slight edge in sonic benefit over MDF. Music is reproduced with slightly more detail, a 'livelier' quality. However solid wood may not be quite as stable over time as MDF/veneer, occasionally warping, and/or splitting. 


    Although I firmly recommend the use of cones or other isolation devices under individual components, Rix Rax believes that securing the shelves to the stand is an effective means of 'draining' the resonance in the component to the sand-filled tubing. This practice has the added benefit of simplifying assembly for the customer, (minimized as far as possible). Should the end-user fill the need for shelves that are spiked, we will be happy to accommodate, at added cost, and I'll work with the customer to arrive at such details as the overall height, and the spacing between the shelves.

  5. Spikes and Cones: Various configurations of coupling and leveling are available with the choice dependent on the design of the rack and the wishes of the Owner. Either stainless steel jacking bolts or custom machined cones may be ordered with the rack. Custom discs are an option.

  6. Casters: Hidden casters are provided on the Baby Grand, and are an option some racks.

  7. Matching Racks: As your system evolves it may become necessary to acquire additional racks or speaker stands that complement those that you already own. Amp Stands and Speaker Stands are available in various styles and may be ordered to optimize your equipment's performance.

Rest assured that when you own a stand made by Rix Rax Inc, you own the very best.


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