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  Rix Rax Design Evolution!!
  • Standard lower shelf depth has been increased to 20" for most models to improve stability. This also increases the top shelf to approximately 23" unless otherwise specified.
  • Adjustable shelving that maintains the rigidity and stability for which we have become famous is an option on some models. Shelves adjust using a single tool allowing flexibility for those inevitable future system changes. 
  • Soon to be offered: new models utilizing aluminum tube frames! This material shows great sonic promise...
  • Now available: 3/4" thick acrylic coming to the website soon!!

The Robb Report: 2003 Best of the Best!




Rix Rax Inc. is honored to be recognized by


in the "2003 BEST OF THE BEST" Issue

 in the category of Audio/Video.




Visit the Robb Report website!





The Absolute Sound: 2001 Golden Ear Award Winner!




Rix Rax Inc. is honored to receive a

 2001 Golden Ear Award 

from "The Absolute Sound" magazine

 for the Hoodoo Component Stand.





Check out Dan Sweeney's review in the December 2001/January 2002 issue. Visit  the abso!ute sound website! 



Audio Musings Magazine - Issue 14, 2001 CES

   Larry Cox of Audio Musings reports: "The coolest thing I saw at the show wasn't an amplifier or a speaker, but a piece of audio furniture. I know that is is a little weird to be more excited about furniture than equipment, but the stands by Rix Rax were stunning, and strong. It might be possible to rest two wheels of a car on the Hoodoo Rack I saw in the Lamm/Kharma room. While the Rix Rax web site is great, pictures don't do the racks justice. The Hoodoo is enticing. with the low lights in the Lamm/Kharma room, the black metal of the structure disappeared into the background, and the lighter-colored wood shelves seemed to just hang in space, giving the impression that the gear was floating in air.



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