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Rix Rax Inc understands that serious audiophiles have individual desires. Each rack is hand-built, so custom orders are easily accommodated. As a guideline Rix Rax Inc offers the following options to the basic features.

  • Heavier tubing, 3" upright pillars, and 2" horizontals.
  • Custom powder coat finish:
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze: a mocha color that has subtle hints of gold sparkle, more obvious under a full spectrum light (i.e.: sunlight, or halogen
    • Montego Blue: actually more of a dark emerald green with a subtle green sparkle visible under a full spectrum light.
    • Gloss Black:  this is achieved by placing a clear coat over a smooth black powder coat.
    • Other colors and textures available

    Japanese Custom Upright

  • "Hoodoo Top" with independently leveled top shelf on cones (standard on some models)
  • Stained finish to standard shelving.
  • Additional or fewer shelves, or substantial change to standard shelf dimensions
  • Contrasting hardwood inlay lamination at shelf front.
  • Custom order design: Bring out your sketch pad, let your mind roam free. Custom orders of this nature are individually quoted.
  • Automotive paint finish for steel



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