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At Rix Rax Inc I am striving to build the world's best equipment racks for audio and video equipment. My stands offer refinement of purpose and functionality while employing the highest level of build quality.

As a driven audiophile, I understand the importance of music in the home and the necessary quality of each link in the system to accurately reproduce it. However, since audio/video equipment by its nature occupies a prominent place in your home, I feel that it should also possess a strongly aesthetically pleasing design. Your rack should be a beautiful piece of furniture that optimizes the performance of the fine equipment that you've chosen for your entertainment.

I am constantly striving to improve my designs. Absolutely "maxed out" construction is a given, however, I'm also strongly committed to a high level of aesthetic appeal. Rix Rax woodwork competes with any on the audio market, and our steel finish is second to none! Look for further advances in shelving technology in the coming year!

Most of my racks are heavy!!! But, they are solid and beautiful!



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