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I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised on a remote ranch in Northern British Columbia, Canada where our family of seven lived without electricity or running water. I have always loved music. As a high school student I used to keep my record collection in my school locker. At noon I'd sign out the record player and blast Led Zeppelin down the hallway. Such were my humble audiophile beginnings.

The '80's found me playing hard at rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking and hang-gliding. After 8 years of fun, my wife and I bought our first house. At last I had somewhere to keep a stereo and that's when I came out of the closet as an audiophile.

When I wasn't busy playing or listening to music, I was being paid to be an industrial mechanic/welder. It wasn't long until I began building my own audio racks. Combining my welding expertise with my woodworking interest and a keen passion for audio I began building racks that were better than any I'd seen. More people began to see my work and with the encouragement of several reps and dealers, Rix Rax Inc was born.



The mission:
Build distinctive audio furniture that meets the demands of audiophiles AND optimizes the performance of the equipment placed upon it.




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